Commission me

If you would like to commission me as an illustrator, please do get in touch! 

You may be....a travel company, a hotel, a restaurant, an interior design company, a members club, an interior brand, a homeware or travel brand, a chef, a magazine or publishers and so on! If you are looking for some interesting illustrations for your company I'd love to discuss the project with you and create some illustrations for you....


Some recent work.... 

Recently chef and marine biologist of The Corner Plot asked me to create a logo and some plated food illustrations for her. When I was a Stylist, one of my favourite things was styling a place setting with gorgeous tableware, so I really enjoyed illustrating these for her. The plate of mackerel is now her logo.


I was asked to create illustrations for The Dally, a new neighbourhood members club opening in Islington this year. They asked for illustrations in black & white of different areas within the club, a fantasy Islington street scene with the actual club building, and a map. They wanted them to have a feel of movement and people being there without anyone actually in the illustration.  

The club is still in the process of being designed so I came up with the interior style for the illustrations, based on a mood-board of the interior design. I provided a mood-board of photos for each interior illustration to the client before I started, so they could get a feel of style and mood of each one. I then illustrated and painted them in colour as I wanted to create different B&W tones, and then changed them to black and white after on the computer.  



I loved working on this job for the gorgeous Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings, in London. I was asked to illustrate the interior of the venue and illustrations of the different courses and cocktails for their menu, for a special event.