Reviews and descriptions of my work from my lovely customers and followers. Thank you so much! 


'You really capture a warmth'

'The beautiful bright colours and lovely memories they invoke for us all dreaming of favourite holiday destinations and lovely occasions!!! Love your work'

"It makes me think of captured memories'

'Words that spring to mind when I think of your work: heartfelt and whole hearted, chic, cosy, sentimental and would it be weird to say tender? On a surface level, I love the imaginative colour palettes and interiors, then when I deep dive further into each of your pieces I love noticing the little details that really show each scene has had real care taken over it. You really conjure up scenes that make me feel the characters inside are happy, and living their best life. Like a snapshot of one of their favourite days ever. Yours are my favourite cards to send because they’re the type I imagine people would want to cherish and keep after!'

'Great use of colour, and the attention to detail! I love all of them, the first is great but also all of your drawings of interiors, I want to live there!'

'The everyday made beautiful you capture a typical scene that we can all resonate with and make it beautiful'

'Whimsical yet disciplined use of colour and line'

'Chilled out, holiday vibe, gorgeous pastels!'

'I would describe your work as: friendly watercolours that depict beautiful settings and stylish interiors with considered colour combinations that always feel fresh.'

'Nuevo naivety post-orientalist architectural dreamscapes in watercolour and dainty linage.'

'Simple yet so much detail and great use of colours'

'Beauty and grace lovely, like you xx plus your balance of colour and composition. Obsessive attention to details which pull us into the immersive atmosphere you create.'

'Effortlessly relaxed with an exceptional eye for detail.'

'I love the freshness of your watercolours'.

'Colourful, fun, uplifting.'

'The thing that most stands out is the simplicity of lines and colours, love the balance between the two! Your work always takes the mind to a holiday like soothing vibe! And my favourite is undoubtedly THE chair! Again, with the blue and white stripes and that lovely red cushion, brings about a very cozy feeling'

'These are so beautiful and dreamy! I want to live in all the scenes. I’d call them slices of life captured in watercolor.'

'Stands out: cozy and calm tone, subtle blues, delicate watercolour and sensory immersion. My favourites are the Greek taverna and Japan in autumn prints!'

'I love your work for the sense of place it creates'